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Swish Coin



  • 5% Buy Tax
    4% Treasury
    1% Liquidity
  • 6% Sell Tax
    5% Treasury
    1% Liquidity

”SWISH” Game

Full Game Coming Soon on iOS and Android Devices

Get ready for one of the biggest Mobile Play 2 Earn games! Our V1 is out, while our V2 is almost complete and ready to be published. The Baller game characters are fully developed and their NFT versions will soon be available to the public for minting.

Swish Finance NFTs

Baller NFTs - Your SWISH Characters

Enjoy a sneak peek of some of our favourite Ballers, Stadiums and Big Baller Special NFTs! The public minting event will be happening shortly after our launch. Mint your NFT to get your Baller ready for action, Steady Stacking Swishes!